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Main partners of the museum:

Perm-36 Memorial Museum developed its first program shortly after it was formally opened. Right after the first excursions for senior pupils, it became clear that even the best pupils in the best schools have extremely sparse knowledge of the governmental terror, political repression and GULAG. The museum therefore designed a special excursion series for pupils, and made a practice of the museum staff making systematic trips to schools of the region which were further on transformed into a permanent mobile exhibition service.
In 1999, a showroom was equipped in the museum where classes for pupils and tutorial workshops for teachers on the ‘Lessons of History in the GULAG Museum’ program were held. The methodological workshop in XX-cent. Russian history developed by the museum was held first on the premises of Perm Regional Institute of Further Training of Educators, then, when the museum managed equip classrooms and boarding rooms for learners on its own premises, right in the museum. At the same time, the School of Museology got into action as well as recurring workshops on history for humanitarian teachers which evolved into the School of Historians.
Projects such as the Civil Readings in Memory of V.P. Astafyev, the Pilorama International Civil Forum, ‘The World Classics in National Sites of Commemoration’, ‘The Art Residence’, et alias were targeted to the broader audience of the museum.