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Main partners of the museum:


Leonid Obukhov, Perm 36. Prehistory
Andrei Nikitin, Perm-36: A Chronicle of New Repressions


Until 2014, the museum was engaged not only in the restoration of the monument, not only in scientific research, excursions, educational and cultural projects, but also in the publication of books. Some of them were published under the title “Perm-36 Museum Library”.

This work didn’t stop even after the museum complex was taken away from its founders. The former employees of the museum prepared new manuscripts for the publication of the series “History of Political Repressions”.

In 2018, a book by the museum’s former research director Leonid Obukhov, Perm 36. Prehistory was presented. The book describes the history of the colony, on the site of which the museum was created, in 1942-1972 — that is, from the birth of ITK No. 6 in the Gulag system to the time when the camp was converted into a political zone.

A year later a book was published by Andrei Nikitin, who worked as a press secretary for the Public Museum, Perm-36: A Chronicle of New Repressions, which tells in detail about how the Public Museum was destroyed, its creators were pressed, and its collections and archives were seized.