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‘Maximum-Security Prisoners’

by балабанова

The ‘Maximum-Security Prisoners’ exhibit was constructed in the maximum-security hut of Perm-36 camp in 1998. This exhibition comprised prisoners’ of conscience personal showcases which accommodated the curricula vitae, the photos, copies of the prisoners’ records, copies of the documents, personal effects, copies of publications, et al., to represent not only the period of arrest and imprisonment but also a general outline of every prisoner’s life.
This division mostly accommodated dissidents which had already been imprisoned on charges of especially dangerous political crimes: anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda, and reconvicted on the same charges, and therefore adjudged to be especially dangerous recidivists.
The division also accommodated ‘supermax’ prisoners of state who received capital sentences on charges of high treason but were exonerated. Most of them were convicted of police service during World War II. The exhibit only represented them by name, their photos in the common showcase having been replaced with black blanks.