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GULAG. The history of one camp

Welcome to the museum! This is the world-famous Memorial Centre of the History of Political Repressions «Perm 36», as it was conceived by its creators back in the early 90s. In 2014, the Russian authorities appropriated the museum complex built by public efforts and turned «Perm 36» from a territory of freedom into a monument, glorifying Soviet forced-labor camp system. That is why the authentic museum «Perm 36» nowadays exists only as a virtual space.

Truly, today we are a «museum in exile». New wave of repression, starting from 2022 has scattered the project team all over the world. However we are still committed to collecting and telling the stories of the victims of totalitarianism and heroes of the Soviet dissident movement. And, of course, we are dreaming to write here one day: «The Museum has returned» -- to a free Russia that remembers and respects its own history.



Vasyl Ovsienko has passed away

Our oldest partner and friend. He was a Ukrainian language and literature teacher in a rural school. From the age of nineteen, he duplicated and distributed Ukrainian samizdat, and from

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Database “The Perm Political Camps Prisoners”