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In 2002, during restoration work in the former Perm-36 camp, a pharmaceutical vial was found in a residential barracks on the high-security site in a cache set up in a half-decayed log. A cache or a burial place. The vial contained two notes, one in Armenian and one in Latvian.

The note in Armenian, according to researchers, is of little information, but the note in Latvian is of great interest.

It contains information about the Mordovia camps, in particular, the names of the officers of those camps, distinguished by particular cruelty. At the same time two officers are named who treated the prisoners “humanly”.

Further, the note briefly describes the conditions of deportation from Mordovia to the Urals and describes the political zone in Kuchino. In particular, it says that bread in the zone is always raw and sour, and fish is rotten and over-salted. The local doctor Petrov usually replies to complaints about inedible fish: “Don’t be a brat.”

The back of the note shows a diagram of the area, very close to the original.

The bubble diagram.

Схема из пузырька

The note begins with the words: “This message for the future was written on August 4, 1972 by Latvians Juris Ziemelis and Gunars Astra…”.

At the moment the fate of the exhibit is unknown.