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Main partners of the museum:


The former staff of Perm-36 Memorial Center started designing new exhibitions in 2015, shortly after Perm-36 Memorial Museum of History of Political Repression they established and developed for twenty years was taken over and liquidated. The twelve booths of the ‘Perm political camps’ exhibition spotlight why Perm political camps were set up, their history, prisoners, routine, labor and everyday life therein, prisoners’ struggle for their rights.
Further on, new exhibitions were designed and set up annually. These dealt with the leading topic of each year’s ‘Perm Days of Memory’ Civil Seasons. The exhibitions provided a core of the Seasons’ programs, major events and actions.
Previously, the Memorial Center had a permanent mobile exhibition service; after the museum was liquidated, no funds or staff were available to exhibit new exhibitions at various platforms. Therefore, the staff and volunteers of the Memorial Center’s standing partner, Memorial’s Perm Branch display these in their programs and exhibitions over Perm Region.