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The ‘Perm political camps’ exhibition was put into work in 2015. It was intended to reflect why and how Perm political camps were set up, their population and why the authorities repressed these people, the formal and actual routine, how the prisoners worked, and lived, and struggled for their rights. The material being plentiful and the topic extensive, it took two years to design the exhibition which was only constructed in 2017. The exhibition was prepared in two languages: in Russian and in English, and in two version: booth type and online type.
The exhibition was opened by Sergey Kovalyov, a dissident, one of the best-known prisoners of these camps, the first Chairman of the Russian Federation President’s Human Rights Committee in 1993 through 1996, the first Human Rights Ombudsman in the Russian Federation in 1994 through 1995, the director of the Human rights Institute and a member of the Board of Perm-36 Memorial Museum of History of Political Repression.
Opening of the exhibition and the action sphere around it resulted in a new project: the Perm Days of Memory of Political Repression Victims; in subsequent year 2018, it was transformed into the ‘Perm Days of Memory: Civil Seasons’ project which came to be held annually.
High-resolution design layouts of the booth-type exhibition versions in Russian and in English can be downloaded from this website, and used to print the exhibition on exhibitional banners in any large-format printing shop.