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Main partners of the museum:

(What Perm-36 Memorial Museum was to become but did not)

In the early 2010s, the Memorial Museum of History of Political Repression was on its maximum rise, and was to move grade.

In 2011, the Government of Perm Territory moved elsewhere the psychoneurological care home which thitherto occupied the camp’s guard barrack buildings and some of the camp offices, and handed over the vacated premises to Perm-36 Memorial Center. That same year, design estimates were prepared to restructure these for the museum needs, and the first restructuring activities commenced. The total museum premises were expanded from 4,855 sqm to 8,217 sqm.

The Memorial Center and the regional Government began developing the Museum Development Omnibus Program.

In 2011, Oleg Chirkunov, the Governor of Perm Region and the management of Ralph Appelbaum Associates Incorporated (RAA), one of the world’s best-known museum design studios discussed the possibility of RAA taking part in development design and establishment of the master exhibit for Perm-36 Museum, and agreed that the project concept would be discussed and the contract for museumization of the former Perm-36 political camp signed in June, 2012, on the museum’s initiative.

In December, 2011, Dmitry Medvedev, the RF President signed the order ‘On Establishing a Workgroup for Preparing Proposals on Implementing the Political Repression Victim Commemoration Program under the Presidential Council for Human Rights and Development of Civil Society’. The very first version of the ‘On Political Repression Victim Commemoration’ Federal Target Program Concept the Workgroup developed regarded Perm-36 Memorial Museum as one of the three national-scale museum complexes commemorating victims of political repression.

In 2012 году, the workgroup approved the development concept of Perm-36 Memorial Museum Complex Perm-36 Memorial Center of History of Political Repression ANO had developed.