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Main partners of the museum:

The development master plan of Perm-36 Memorial Museum

by балабанова

The guard barracks of Perm-36 camp the Memorial Museum received in 2011 were to be restructured into the museum’s project center comprising hotel facilities, a boardroom and classrooms. Thus it could be used to hold European-level workshops and schools involving leading Russian and European experts and specialists in civil society development, local governance, journalism, as well as to arrange vocational training of teachers of history and museum staff in the most challenging aspects of the country’s XX-cent. history, etc.
Yelena Nemirovskaya, the founder and director of the Moscow School of Political Studies guided its specialists as they began developing content, curricula and syllabi in four fields: ‘Civil Organizations and Civil Activists’, ‘Local parliaments’, ‘Local Governments’, ‘MM and Civil Society’ for the museum.
Other premises the museum received in 2011 were to be converted into a service center and extra showrooms.