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‘Vishlag: Vishera Correctional Camp (1925 through 1934)’

by балабанова

The ‘Vishlag: The Vishera Correctional Camp (1925 through 1934)’ fixed exhibition was an exhibitional project by the School of Museology affiliated with Perm-36 Memorial Museum, it also involved I.F. Konovalov Berezniki Museum of Local History, Solikamsk Local Lore Museum, A.S. Pushkin Cherdyn Local Lore Museum, Krasnovishersk Local Lore Museum, the museum of Azot concern (Berezniki).
The exhibition is dedicated to establishment and history of the first Soviet correctional camp in today’s Perm Territory, the Vishera camp division of Solovki Special Camp (SLON) which was converted to Vishera Special Camp (VISHLON) in 1929, and to Vishera Correctional Camp (Vishera CF of VISHLAG) in 1930. The exhibitional booths described rollout of thee GULAG system and camp super-exploitation of the prisoners.
It was presented at the Sawmill International Civil Forum of Perm-36 Memorial Museum in 2012. The project provided for thematic exhibitions on history of VISHLAG divisions in museums of Krasnovishersk, Cherdyn, Solikamsk, Berezniki and Krasnokamsk in 2013 through 2014 but subsequent takeover of Perm-36 Memorial Museum ruined these plans.
Presentation of the ‘Vishlag: Vishera Correctional Camp (1925 through 1934)’ exhibition
Vishera Correctional Camp