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‘For Your and Our Freedom!’

by балабанова

The ‘For Your and Our Freedom. Human Rights Activists, Political Camps and the Great Anti-Communist’ exhibition is dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of collapse of European Communism. The twelve exhibition booths spotlight emergence and development of human rights movement in USSR which was persecuted and repressed by the country’s government, struggle for human rights in camps and prisons, the Western support of this struggle and the human rights movement, the human rights agenda in Ronald Reagan’s and Mikhail Gorbachev’s negotiations, and subsequent release of the prisoners of state, cessation of political repression and removal of political charges from the criminal legislation, subsequent upsurge of protest activity in USSR and Socialist countries which resulted in downfall of the East European Communist regimes.
The exhibition was designed in two versions: a mobile booth-type one and a fixed one.
High-resolution design layouts of the booth-type exhibition versions in Russian and in English can be downloaded from this website, and used to print the exhibition on exhibitional banners in any large-format printing shop.