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You are facing arrest on the “Doctors Case”…

by балабанова

January, 1952. Your surname is Nesterovich. You work as an assistant at the 1st Moscow Medical Institute and personally know Boris Ilyich Zbarsky, who, in addition to his work at your institute, runs a laboratory at Lenin’s mausoleum. Zbarsky is one of the developers of Lenin’s embalming technique.

A colleague of yours tells you in confidence that Zbarsky is a German spy and will soon be arrested. After that, you, as his acquaintance, may also be detained.

Здесь статья из Викитеки на данную тему: Опубликовано в газете «Правда» 13 января 1953 г. Подлые шпионы и убийцы под маской профессоров-врачей — Викитека (wikisource.org)