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Georgi Demidov’s new audio collection: a journey into the history of the Gulag

by Sergei Shestakov

The Gulag Museum, together with the popular Russian book platform LitRes, presented a new audio collection by the outstanding Russian writer Georgy Demidov, prisoner of the Kolyma camps and author of stories about mass repression.

The publication of the collection coincides with the 116th anniversary of the birth of Varlam Shalamov, a friend of Georgy Demidov. It includes stories from the second volume of the writer’s collected works entitled «Оранжевый абажур: три повести о тридцать седьмом» [Orange Lampshade: Three Tales of the Thirty-Seventh].

Each of the three stories in the audio collection is brought to life through the expressive voices of the theatre and film actors who read the voices. The listeners get the chance to experience the atmosphere of the works and to live the stories, based on real events, with the author.

The audio collection is available to listen to for free on the official LitRes website and its apps. To immerse yourself in the world of Georgy Demidov’s work, simply follow the link: www.litres.ru/audiobook/georgiy-demidov-31672467/oranzhevyy-abazhur-69342532.

Georgy Demidov is an eminent writer whose works focus on the repression and the fate of people affected by it during the years of Soviet terror. He is the prototypical hero of Varlam Shalamov’s stories and survived the difficult years spent in the camps at Kolyma.