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Main partners of the museum:

The ‘Lessons of History in the GULAG Museum’ project

by балабанова

The ‘Lessons of History in the GULAG Museum’ project began soon after the museum was formally opened, by the research staff of Perm-36 Memorial Center taking documents and materials from the museum’s holdings to high schools and colleges in the region’s cities. It made grade when first the mobile exhibition service and established, then the showroom.
Next, the museum and the Institute of Continuous Education for Perm National Research University developed programs of workshops for teachers of history which involved leading specialists: teachers and historians both from Perm Territory and from Russia, including text-writers. The museum partnered with the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Jena (FRG) which had wide similar experience of working with schools, the faculty’s staff and postgraduate students participating in the workshops on a regular basis.
Later on, the museum developed elective course on individual topics of Russian history, and published students’ learning aids and teachers’ guidelines.