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Main partners of the museum:

A walk through the Sandarmoh Digital Forest. An online exhibition about the victims of «Great Terror» has been created in Russia

by Sergei Shestakov

International Memorial* and the Iofe Foundation presented a new online project,  dedicated to the innocent victims of mass murder in Sandarmokh (Karelia) in 1937-1938. The online exhibition was launched in cooperation with the Czech organisation Gulag.cz as a commemoration  of the 25th anniversary of the discovery of this shooting range.

The virtual exhibition is an alternative memory space in which the visitors can walk through the digital forest of Karelia, where thousands of repressed people were secretly murdered in the 1930s. The exhibition includes 17 monuments created by various contemporary artists, as well as 2 locations and 3 narrative routes about the history of Sandarmokh and the fate of the memorial site in contemporary Russia.

* The organisation International Memorial has been liquidated in Russia by court order.