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by балабанова

In 1999, the Perm 36 Memorial Museum of the History of Political Repression, together with the Lower Manhattan Tenant Museum, the British Workhouse Museum, the Czech Terezin Ghetto Museum, the Senegal Slave House Museum, the South African Cape Town Sixth Ward Museum, the Bangladesh Liberation War Museum, and the Argentine Junta Memorial Museum Project established the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.

International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

The coalition now includes more than 300 museums from 65 countries. All of these museums are generally associated with sites of national humanitarian catastrophes, but some, like the M. L. King House Museum and the E. and F. D. Roosevelt Estate Museum, are associated with powerful humanitarian breakthroughs.

The Perm 36 Memorial Centre for the History of Political Repression was the founder and director of the Russian Network of the International Coalition of Museums of Conscience, provided legal and methodological assistance to museums of the network, for seven years, organized trainings for their staff at the Summer School of Museum Studies, and found financial support and partners through the directorate of the Coalition.