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‘GULAG: History, Labor, and Everyday Life’

by балабанова

The ‘GULAG: History, Labor, and Everyday Life’ exhibit was constructed in 2003 by Yuri Reshetnikov as a full-scale mockup of a fragment of the museum’s master exhibit, and temporarily accommodated in the living hut of the low-security area of the former Perm-36 camp. It is based on the materials the museum staff had collected in archives and during field expeditions. It is being displayed up to the present.
The master exhibit on the same topic and in the same stylistics was to be constructed in a separate, purpose-built building in 2014 through 2016 involving Ralph Appelbaum Associates Incorporated, one of the world’s best-known museum design studios which created over two hundred museums and museum exhibits across the world, including museums such as the Holocaust Museum, the National Immigration Museum and the National US Constitution Museum, the Hiroshima Peace Museum, the Memorial Prison Museum in Robin Island (RSA), to name a few.