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by kamen1

March 21 police together with security men executed searches of the International Memorial staff and premises of the organisation at Maly Karetny Pereulok. Сause for the search was charge against Memorial, initiated in the middle of March, as well as accusations against one of the Memorial officials, Oleg Orlov.   He is charged with the “discreditation” of the Russian Military Forces.  

Police and security officers executed searches in homes of nine persons who worked for the Human Rights Center Memorial, liquidated in February of 2022.  They were hunting for texts and documents, referred to the International Memorial and tried to get information about political repressions victims databases. After home searches they brought people for interrogations to the police department.   

Representatives of Memorial told how the searches were executed. During the home rummages police snuffled among private belongings and even investigated the toilet bowl. All private computers, gadgets, documents, wall calendars and other things with the Memorial logo were confiscated.

The search of International Memorial premices started with the coming of the security men, equipped with disc grinder, mauls, crows and ready to smash in a door. The same as during the searches of private apartments, they confiscated documents, computers, gadgets and souvenirs with the Memorial logo. Besides that, they drank alcohol and ate sweets they found in the premises.  

The European Union voiced support of the International Memorial and called on the Russian government to stop unfounded political persecutions of this organization and to uphold supremacy of law, the Constitution of Russia and its obligations within international law, including human rights.  

Photo: OVD-info.