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“International Memorial received the Lucchetta 2022 Award for its contribution to the development of human rights work and the strengthening of democratic ideals

by балабанова

On June 4 in the Italian city of Trieste, the Luchetta Ota D’Angelo Hrovatin Foundation held its Luchetta 2022 Award. “International Memorial*” was honored with a special award for its contribution to human rights and the fight for democratic values.

“With this year’s selection we wanted to show the role of a public organization that for 33 years has defended democracy, peace and freedom of information, paying dearly for it,” commented Daniela Luchetta, President of the Foundation. (https://premioluchetta.com/en/2022/05/30/premio-speciale-luchetta-2022-ong-russa/)

The award was received by Stefan Kok, member of the Trieste Municipal Council, partner and representative of Italian Memorial. Irina Fliege, long-time director of the Memorial Research Center in St. Petersburg, delivered the thank-you speech via video link.

The Luketta International Prize for Journalism was established in 2004. Every year the award is given to people and organizations that have distinguished themselves in the field of human rights advocacy.