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Museum programs and projects ‘Perm Days of Memory’ Civil Seasons

by балабанова

In 2017, the former staff of Perm-36 Memorial Center of History of Political Repression initiated the ‘Perm Days of Memory: Civil Seasons’ project. The project comprised display of ‘Perm Political Camps’, the first exhibition they created after Perm-36 Memorial Museum was taken over.
The Seasons included the ‘Lessons of Dissent’, a meeting with Sergey Kovalyov, a former dissident, a prisoner of Perm-36 camp, the Russian Federation President’s Human Rights Councilor, the first Human Rights Ombudsman in Russia, a human rights activist. Natella Boltyanskaya, a bard, a journalist at the ‘Echo Moscow’ radio station gave a civil art concert delivered a lecture: ‘World’s Modern Issues of Human Rights Export. Igor Dolutsky, a historian delivered a lecture: ‘Year 1917: an Unavoidable Casualty?’ Furthermore, Perm public was shown ‘Times, Events, People’, a series about human rights activists in USSR by ‘Voice of America’ radio station.
The project was partnered by Memorial’s Perm Branch which included several actions into it.
In the years since, quite a number of civil organizations, cultural and educational establishments of Perm Territory joined the Seasons. Memorial’s Perm Branch, the New Collection Cultural Project Support Fund and the Center of Urban Culture became long-standing partners of the project. The ‘Perm Days of Memory: Civil Seasons’ project promoted activity of some civil organizations which were taken somewhat aback during the authorities’ tough response, and consolidated their activity in the context of its programs.