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Main partners of the museum:

Deprived after the raider seizure of Memorial Museum “Perm 36” of an opportunity to continue the work on preservation and museification of the former political camp “Perm 36”, on organization and conducting educational projects and mass events on the territory of the museum complex, the preserved core of the Memorial Center “Perm 36” focused on research activities and the “Civil Seasons “Perm Memory Days” project.

By continuing to develop and replenish the databases “Prisoners of the Perm Political Camps” and “Chronicles of the Main Events of the Perm Political Camps,” the Center’s staff has attracted new partners to this work. In particular, the archives of the Ukrainian Security Service provided access to the KGB archives and investigative files of some of the prisoners of the Perm political camps, which made it possible to significantly expand the content of the databases.

The scientific director of the center, Leonid Obukhov, completed a thirty-year study of the history of the “Perm 36” camp, when it had not yet become a camp for especially dangerous state criminals; as a result, he wrote the book “Perm 36. Prehistory.” Andrei Nikitin, a spokesperson for the Center, researched the raiding of the Memorial Museum of the History of Political Repressions “Perm 36” and prepared the book “Perm 36: A Chronicle of New Repressions”. Both books were presented to the Perm public at the “Perm Civic Seasons “Days of Memory”. Employees of the Center continued their work on the handbook “Perm Political Camps,” and finished compiling its first part – “Prisoners of Perm Political Camps.

In addition, the Center’s staff developed thematic and exposition plans for exhibitions exhibited at the Perm Civil Seasons, and all materials for these exhibitions were identified, collected, and studied.