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Revival of Memorial: Human Rights Center Resumes its Activities in Russia

by балабанова

On June 17, supporters of the dismantled Memorial Human Rights Center* announced the formation of a new organization. The society was named the Center for Human Rights Protection “Memorial,” inheriting the resounding name of its predecessor. The organization’s social media channels announced the news.

The new “Memorial” will continue to work on documenting and publicizing violations of civil rights. One of the main areas of activity will be to help protect the rights of political prisoners and other vulnerable groups.

“The team of the Human Rights Center includes both former members of the liquidated Memorial* and new members,” Anastasia Garina, executive director of the new organization, said in a statement.

The Human Rights Center “Memorial “* was liquidated by decision of the Moscow City Court on April 5, 2022. On May 30 access to the site of the Human Rights Center on the territory of the Russian Federation was blocked on demand of the General Prosecutor’s Office.