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Main partners of the museum:

The School of Museology

by балабанова

The School of Museology appeared in the museum virtually at the same time as the teachers’ workshops. It comprised two components: a two-week summer School of Museology for the Russian Museum Network of the International Coalition of Historic Sites of Conscience and a course of weeklong workshops for museum staffs of Perm Territory.
The Summer School of Museology was headed by Mikhail Gnedovsky, the founder of the Laboratory of Novel Museum Design, the director of the Institute of Cultural Policy, an expert at the Council of Europe, a juror at the ‘Best European Museum of the Year’ Contest, and had leading historians and museum workers form both Russia and abroad for lecturers and experts. Seven project which were started as the school participants’ individual projects, won the contest by Vladimir Potanin’s fund, ‘A Changing Museum in a Changing World’.
Weeklong workshops for museum staff which were started to familiarize municipal museum staff with the best contemporary museum practices, evolved into joint inter-museum projects. In 2010 to 2011, researchers from five museums of the region and from Perm-36 Memorial Museum worked on the ‘Vishera Correctional Camp’ project; as a result, the ‘Vishlag: The Vishera Correctional Camp (1925 through 1934)’ fixed exhibition was set up jointly in 2012 in Perm-36 Memorial Museum.
That same year, the School of Museology started a new joint project, ‘The Civil War in the Urals’, and planned further work on the ‘Vishera Correctional Camp’ project to set up thematic exhibitions in the cities where divisions of this camp existed but the work was interrupted by repression against the Memorial Museum.