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Main partners of the museum:

After Perm-36 Memorial Museum of History of Political Repression was taken over, and Perm-36 Memorial Center of History of Political Repression Autonomous Non-for-Profit Organization which founded this museum dissolved itself, its board, management and key staff went on working as an informal action group, Perm-36 Memorial Center. It mostly dealt with research, exhibitions, and projects.

The group studied history of political repression in USSR, history of GULAG and of Perm political camps. It designs and augments databases: ‘Prisoners of Perm political camps’, ‘Annals of Extreme Events in Perm Political Camps’. It ahs written and published books: ‘Perm-36. Prehistory’ and ‘Perm-36: The Annals of New Repression’, to continue the museum series: ‘The terror mapped: history of political repression’. The ‘Perm political camps’ handbook is in progress.

New exhibitions were constructed and displayed as part of the ‘Perm Days of Memory: Civil Seasons’ project in 2015 through 2020. To carry on the ‘Sawmill’ International Civil Forum’s traditions, civil art concerts and poetic meetings were held, new performances and documentaries shown, roundtables, debates, lectures< meetings and presentations of new books held.