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by Sergei Shestakov

Photo: Igor Sazhin, screenshot from «Revolt Pimenov’s Syktyvkar»

The independent public organisation Revӧlt Centre, based in Syktyvkar, created a virtual tour tellingabout the fate of mathematician, one of the active participants of the dissident movement in the USSR Revolt Pimenov. The excursion  was timed to coincide with the Pimenov’s birthday, and now it is  available on YouTube to the public.  

The authors of the virtual tour, historian Igor Sazhin and journalist Igor Bobrakov tried to show how Syktyvkar influenced the fate of the exiled  scientist, where he lived and what were his activities in Komi Republic, which later became a true home for him.

Revolt Pimenov was not only an outstanding  mathematician, but also  historian, an author of the book on the history of the Russian Revolution. For his dissident activity he was exiled to Syktyvkar and remained there even after the exile.  While in exile, Pimenov wrote a number of the significant works on cosmology and linguistics, and also published his political essays in samizdat.